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Sony Swagger on Display with Insomniac Games Acquisition

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This kind of swagger could be considered arrogance, and there is an unquestionable confidence about it all. But the Arrogant Sony memes of yore dont really apply here, as this isnt an instance of the organisation overpricing and undelivering like it arguably did with the PlayStation 3 its doubling-down on the future of its brand, and its doing it all in an understated manner.


Sony Set To Tilt Towards Games With Wider Appeal As PS5 Looms

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The purchase of Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games doesnt look to be a one-off, but rather part of a larger, overarching

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Devil May Cry 5, Blair Witch And More Xbox Game Pass Details

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Major Nelson: At Inside Xbox live from gamescom 2019, we detailed new titles joining Xbox Game Pass this month and updates to the new Xbox (Beta) app for PC

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Apple Arcade: $4.99 per month is likely for family access to 100 games

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Apple's subscription gaming service will most likely launch at a sub-$5 price including games compatible with iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS devices.

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PS5 will be defined by its approach to gaming, not by raw power

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In the long run, PS5 will be defined by its approach to gaming, not by raw power, as 4K will lose its appeal sooner rather than later.

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Amazon launches Custom Interfaces for Alexa skills to deepen connections with games and gadgets

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Amazon's Alexa skills or voice apps can now connect with toys, gadets, and games to trigger actions by an Echo speaker or a device.

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Fortnite is Having an Identity Crisis

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App Trigger writes: "Building is one of the few mechanics that sets Fortnite apart from the competition, but is Epic working to make it obsolete?"

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Don’t Just Disclose Odds For Video Game Loot Boxes, Ban Them

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The Entertainment Software Association just announced the big three video game hardware makers Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony will now force publishers to reveal odds for loot boxes in games that appear on their consoles [...]

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Toca Life app launches H&M kidswear collaboration

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Toca Boca, the maker of the popular kids Toca Life application, is launching a collaboration for kidswear and digital products with H&M.

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Outer Wilds' solar system only highlights the shallowness of No Man's Sky's infinite universe

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From VG247: "What is it that makes the open world genre appealing? I would argue its this: possibility. Hence the familiar refrain of you can go there that accompanies open world preview trailers or screenshots showing us distant mountain ranges the promise that you, and perhaps even the developers themselves, never know exactly what you might find when you venture out. The innate appeal of being uncertain about what lies beyond the horizon is what these games are predicated on."


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