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GoldenEye 007 Accidentally Revolutionised Video Games Thanks To 9 Clueless Guys

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Games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and basically every shooter post 1997 owe its existence to Nintendo's accidental James Bond masterpiece: GoldenEye 007.


DICE Apologizes for Battlefield 5 Content Shortcomings, Cites Battlefront 2 as Example of Commitment

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DICE General Manager issues an apology for the Battlefield 5 content shortcomings, thanks fans, and gives Star Wars Battlefront 2 as an example of the studio's commitment to its games, and community.

Battlefield 5 Finger Gun Gameplay Easter Egg Must Be Seen to Be Believed

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There's a cool Battlefield 5 Easter egg by DICE where your character's fingers become a gun! Watch it in action and it's as absurd as it sounds. The reload animation looks painful too.


Letters from the Front: Update on Battlefield V with Ryan McArthur

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Learn about new maps and experiences coming soon to Battlefield V from DICE Senior Producer, Ryan McArthur. The added focus on improving the quality of the experience and adding more of the content you want has led us to step back from our original plans to offer a competitive 5v5 mode. Not creating this mode was a tough decision, but vital for us to more quickly reach our bug-crushing and content goals.


COD Modern Warfare Campaign to Be Shown Off Soon, Ex Battlefield Employee Tells DICE to "Step it Up

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign to be shown off very soon according to Infinity Ward


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review - IGN

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers an incredible amount of choice both on and off the battlefield alongside a thrilling story.


Battlefield 5 Chapter 4 Booster Pack Is Available Now

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See what's the newest thing to have for the WWII shooter.

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Anthem feels hopeless

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When Anthem launched players quickly realized that, underneath all that hype about an ever-evolving story and world, it was a disjointed, unimaginative loot shooter full of needless padding and repetitive missions. But there was also a glimmer of hope. Anthem wasn't the first live-service game to launch in a bad state, and though things were grim, other games like Diablo 3 and Battlefield 4 had skirted similar launch disasters. But nothing in the past four months since Anthem's releaseincluding its long-awaited and over-promised Cataclysm endgamehas given me any confidence in BioWare's ability to turn things around.


Battlefield V: Breaking down the EA Play news from E3

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Ryan McArthur of DICE walks us through Battlefield V's latest chapter, from the Marita map to Operation Underground.

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Everything from EA Play at E3 2019

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EA gave updates on 7 games at EA Play for E3 -- Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Apex Legends, Battlefield V, FIFA 20, Madden 20, The Sims, and Battlefront II.

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