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The Surge 2 Overview Trailer Details Every Important Feature

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Including the most important - slicing off enemy limbs.

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PS4 Players Are Frustrated With Bizarre PSN Feature

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Comicbook: A post complaining about PSN's cloud save limit has been making the rounds. Now, I know what you're thinking: there's a cloud save limit on PS4? Apparently. Twitter user Dizzy Ziddy recently took to the social media site to complain about the "ridiculous" file size cap of 100GB. More specifically, how it's such an arbitrary number that can't be reached because there's a quantity of cloud saves you can have. That's right, you can only have 1,000 cloud saves, which you will hit way before 100GB of data.

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Lawmaker tells Walmart to stop 'making up stupid s---' by targeting video games after mass shootings

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Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California slammed Walmart for its decision to limit advertisements for video games following two shootings at its stores in recent weeks. "Dear [Walmart], remember how: Mario Kart caused people to drive faster? Pac-Man caused folks to eat more? Fortnite radicalized a white supremacist to shoot Hispanics at your store," Lieu tweeted on Friday afternoon. "You disrespect the victims of mass shootings by making up stupid s---," Lieu added. "Stop blaming video games."


Super Mario Maker 2 Course Upload Limit Increased to 64

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Nintendo also noted that it plans to raise the limit "one more time."

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It May Take A While Before PS5 And Xbox Scarlett Are Pushed To Their Limits, Says Dev

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Sebastien Le Touze, CEO of eXiin, says the next generation will take a while to reveal its full capabilities.

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Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Resident Evil 4, and More

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Are you ever at a Summer BBQ and your friend asks you what kind of food you want off the grill? It can be seriously overwhelming. Youve got hot dogs, burgers, meat skewers, maybe some corn on the cob with extra salt, lime, and cotija cheese to give it that extra flavor zingits never an easy choice. Well friend, not to put you in a tough position or anything, but weve been working the grill for quite a while and weve cooked up a lot of games for you this Summer. Our favorite flavor?

Torchlight is Now Free on Epic Games Store

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Limbo will be the next free offering on July 18th.

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Why Dino Patti wants to bring online connectivity and persistence to single-player games

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Dino Patti, maker of games such as Limbo and Inside, has formed Coherence to enable developers to create shared, networked experiences.

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Alan Wake publishing rights reverted to Remedy

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From GameWatcher: "Alan Wake has long been in an odd sort of publishing limbo, where Remedy wished to make new games, but simply couldn't, due to various legalese that is as arcane as it is dense. Now, though, the company has regained full publishing rights! At the moment of writing, Alan Wake publishing rights have reverted to Remedy in relation to their 2.5 million euro royalty gain in the form of a one-time income. Does this mean there are more Alan Wake games coming in the future? We don't know, but we are excited."


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