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Someone Killed The Chainsaw Guy In Resident Evil 4 Using Only A Door

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In Resident Evil 4 players have a huge variety of weapons and attacks to choose from. But YouTuber Dante Ravioli decided to use something very different to kill one of the most famous enemies in the game. Instead of a shotgun or pistol, they kicked a door into the chainsaw guys face a few dozen times. Surprisingly, this worked.

Resident Evil Ambassador Invites Now Going Out To US Cities

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Something evil is definitely coming this way.

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Resident Evil 2 Shipped 4.5 Million Units, Monster Hunter: World 13.1 Million, Devil May Cry 5 2.5

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Today Capcom provided new shipment numbers for some of its major games, also mentioning small and mid-sized games in development, including ports to Nintendo Switch.

Resident Evil 2 Sales Hit 4.5 Million, Devil May Cry 5 At 2.5 Million; Capcom Projects 1 Million More Each By March 2020

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Capcom's 2019 megatons are continuing to perform very well commercially.

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Resident Evil Ambassador Program Sends Invites To Test Unannounced Game

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A mysterious invite points to an upcoming game in the franchise.

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New Resident Evil to be tested in September

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Capcoms Division 1, responsible for developing the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series, has sent out a recruitment email to Resident Evil Ambassadors based in Japan in search of game testers. Details are highly vague, but the tests will be conducted on either September 8 or September 9 , and that one must be a Resident Evil Ambassador and a person who has played the series (to what extent is not stated).


Physical Switch version of Resident Evil Triple Pack discounted to under $50

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Amazon has discounted the physical version of the Resident Evil Triple Pack to $49.94 on the Nintendo Switch.

Resident Evil Franchise Dominates Top 10 Best Selling Horror Games Via NPD

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Over half the list belongs to the series.

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Quick, Resident Evil 2 is down to cheapest price ever

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Regardless if you tried the original version of Resident Evil 2 or not, this re-mastered version is absolutely worth trying. Get it cheap now


In Resident Evil, America Is The Real Monster

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Despite the presence of creatures that seek to kill you at every turn, America is the real monster in the Resident Evil series.


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